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HCP Portal


Sample management

Order taking

Remote call

Mobile view

sample management

HCP Diagnosis portal

interact with hcp anytime, whenever they want

  • Access segmented On Demand content
  • Continuous interaction for minimal costs
  • Intuitive Back Office
  • Consent collection
wechat share and bind

wechat : share & Bind

engage more

  • Enrollment on company official account to guarantee compliance
  • Reach HCP expectations : on demand content accessible anytime
  • Collect HCP WeChat ID to include in your database
  • Draw 360° profile and analyse content impact, personalize your message thanks to our Closed Loop Marketing

wechat: push and interact

differentiate your promotion

  • Set up WeChat customer journey
  • Trigger touchpoints and interact with HCP on WeChat

E-detailling, Remote call invitation, Post event surveys sharing

  • Complete your pharma social CRM and have better knowledge of your target
  • Social CRM in compliance with pharma
sample management

sample management

track and distribute – gxp module

  • Configure distribution rules to match company and local requirements
  • Personalize your validation path and collect distribution proof
  • Distribute your samples directly or deliver them through an external supplier
hcp diagnosis portal

order taking

manage your orders

  • Facilitate management of your commercial policies (discounts, free units…)
  • Define order validation workflows
  • Manage commercial claim
remote call

remote call

more contact options

  • Reach your targets through their favorite app
  • Provide segmented content during the call
mobile view

mobile view

A reworked design for smartphones

  • Reduce deployment costs
  • Help reps get through the doors of hospital (no visible laptop/tablet)
  • Better user acceptance


more tools for efficiency

  • Create appointments from the map
  • Browse the agenda and locations
  • Pinpoint and monitor reps location
hcp diagnosis portal

HCO stock tab

deeper hospital profiling

  • Ensures an accurate tracking of HCO product consumption
sample management

bi indicators

fte inputs from the field

  • Activity report product tracking
  • Allows to track the importance taken by products and compare it to sales
  • Anticipate need for resupply