Our approach to Responsible Digital
Certification – A commitment to

A consequent environmental impact

The digital revolution has dramatically transformed the way we live, work and communicate. However, this transition to an increasingly connected world is not without consequences, and the environmental footprint of digital technology has become a major concern. At Euris, we recognize the significant impact that the digital sector can have on the environment, and it is exactly this recognition that guides our approach as future holders of the Responsible Digital Label (NR). We are also committed to the selection of our suppliers, giving preference to those who share our eco-responsible policy. Our aim is not to reduce the use of digital technology, but rather to use it more thoughtfully and responsibly.

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Considerable social impact

Promoting the adoption of responsible and efficient digital practices also involves raising awareness among Euris Group collaborators of the environmental impact of their uses. We want to inform our collaborators on how their digital behaviors can influence the environment, encouraging them to adjust their habits for a more conscious and respectful use towards our planet. This educational approach aims to mobilize all our teams to actively contribute to the promotion of responsible digital use within the Group.

A significant technological impact

Euris integrates eco-design at the heart of its technological solutions to minimize their environmental impact.
Our commitment to eco-design is reflected in the creation of more environmentally-friendly technological solutions, enabling our customers to actively contribute to a more sustainable economy.
In concrete terms, we offer our customers innovative carbon footprint measurement tools to help them significantly reduce the ecological impact of their projects.

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the steps to reach our goal

1. Diagnosis of the initial situation 2. Get in touch with Lucie agency 3. Creation of a working group and development of an action plan 4. Implementation of action plan 5. Digital Responsibility certification obtained 6. Maintain and develop our approach
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Minimize our

our commitments

Promote social
protect the
privacy and data
of our users

Your advantages

A health player aware of its environmental impact and concerned about the environment.
An active contribution to the responsible digital transition
Participation in a committed community.