Euris Health Cloud Marketplace

Health Data Hosting

Multi-territory health data hosting infrastructure compliant with local regulations in Europe, Asia and America.

Health Cloud CDN

Content Delivery Network solution to accelerate your data stream of your e-health applications throughout the world.

Health Cloud Hybrid

Combine the power of a public cloud with our Health Cloud infrastructure to ensure both security of personal health data and access to resources needed for your health IT projects.

Health Cloud Drive

File sharing and collaborative work solution for professionals, compliant with health data regulations.

Health CLoud Backup

Online backup solution for healthcare stakeholders, to save health data in compliance with current regulations.

Health Cloud Telemedicine

Secure telemedicine platform sustainable for all types of devices and networks, compliant with health data regulations.

Health Cloud Authentication

Simple solution for strong authentication on all devices, meeting the constraints of access to sensitive data, such as personal health data.

Health Cloud Anonymization

Data anonymization solution to enable personal health data monitoring, empower or extract insights from your data sets, while meeting compliance and local regulations.

NetReps® CRM

Innovative CRM for medical, hospital, pharmaceutical reps and managers : meeting management, KAM, order taking, marketing campaigns etc.

Smartcontent® CLM

Innovative multi-channel & digital marketing tool for sales reps in Life Sciences industry, allowing them to better engage with HCPs.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence tool with tailor-made graphical KPIs for reps and managers : qualitative, quantitative & cross-analyses.


Patient Relationship Management solution providing new healthcare services and channels to interact with patients: patient file sharing, telemedicine, appointment management, etc.

Social Media Listening

Data intelligence plateform for Life Sciences Industry that captures the needs of your customers, detect market insights and improves your digital performance.

Health Cloud Consulting

Benefit from a network of consultants to support you in your health IT projects : legal advice, support in industrial & quality marking, market access, clinical studies, digital transformation

We provide our customers with secure, ready-to-use and highly customizable solutions. Our marketplace offers our customers the best chances to find the right partners to keep growing their business.

We partner with the best companies in their domain. By creating synergies between our partners, we increase innovation and build more adapted services to the needs of life sciences, insurers and e-health service providers.