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Hosting & Infrastructure

Private Cloud (Certified)

Multi-territory health data hosting infrastructure compliant with local regulations in Europe, Asia and America. Discover

Hybrid Cloud (Certified)

Combine the power of a public cloud with our Health Cloud infrastructure to ensure both security of personal health data and access to resources needed for your health IT projects. Discover


Content Delivery Network solution to accelerate your data stream of your e-health applications throughout the world. Discover


Data encryption solution that protects the confidentiality of health data while maintaining high productivity and flexibility.


Optimized storage solution for storing large amounts of unstructured data (object storage & files)


Secure private or public network solution for healthcare companies ensuring a high level of security and optimal performance of the computer system. Discover.


Docker solution for building, deploying and running very easily distributed applications, based on app containerization technology.


An approved and HDS-certified hosting solution for e-health start-ups. Discover.

Data storage & sharing

Cloud Drive

Collaborative and sharing file solution designed for healthcare professionals, in compliance with current regulations on personal health data.


Online backup solution for healthcare stakeholders, to save health data in compliance with current regulations.


Data archiving

Archiving solution to preserve your old or dormant data over a long period of time, in accordance with the current regulations on health data.


Platform for downloading large volumes of health data without going through a SFTP server, while maintaining data integrity.


Digital safe solution providing a secure space to access to health data records and sensitive files by PIN, biometrics or two-factor authentication.

Secure Transfer

Digital solution allowing to transfer medical documents simply, fastly and safely. Discover.

Security & data analysis

Strong Authentication

Simple solution for strong authentication on all devices, meeting the constraints of access to sensitive data, such as personal health data. Discover


Data anonymization solution to enable personal health data monitoring, empower or extract insights from your data sets, while meeting compliance and local regulations. Discover


A secure web portal for e-health application managed services & user access that complies with HDS and GDPR security & traceability requirements. Discover


Secure environment solution to fully exploit the diversity and richness of health data for research purposes.


Storage solution allowing to track the history of user actions performed on a specific server. Discover

Big Data

Cloud and Managed Services to exploit sensitive data according to the 3Vs model (volume, variety and velocity).

Machine Learning

Algorithm system and secure environment to fully exploit a large amounts of data in compliance with personal data regulations.

Business Intelligence

A set of tools and technologies to easily analyze data though dashboards and tables.


Clinical Trial Management System to continuously monitor the progress of your research and identify potential problems in advance.


Intrusion Detection System that monitors network traffic for suspicious activity and issues alerts when such activity is discovered.

Web Application Firewall

Web Application Firewall solution that prevent attacks stemming from web application security flaws. Discover


Digital solution managing the health data lifecycle, designed for developpers and in compliance with global regulations. Discover.

Privacy Start-up

Packaged offer for hosting and managing personal health data for e-health start-ups. Discover.

Synthetic Data

Data synthesis solution using artificial intelligence algorithms. Discover.

Dynamic Anonymisation

A SQL queries anonymisation tool. Discover.

Prevention & telemedicine


HD videoconferencing solution for universal visual communication from all types of devices, on all types of networks.


End-to-end secure email solution for exchanging information and documents. Discover.

internet of Things (IoT)

Solution allowing the use and the exploitation in a secure and controlled environment of the data coming from connected devices. Availability of a kit of Health Connected Wearable Devices (balance, blood pressure monitor, pedometer, etc.) and automatic data collection at the patient’s home.

Machine to Machine (M2M)

Solution allowing communication without human intervention between information systems and so-called intelligent and communicating devices.

Mobile Device Manager (MDM)

MDM solution to optimize the functionality and security of mobile devices within your company, while simultaneously protecting your network.


Efficient SMS messaging solution with global coverage and a direct operator connection to build applications via our powerful APIs and webservices.

Patient Relations Management

Deliver e-health services to prevent, treat and support the patient in his pathology. Deliver high added value services to healthcare professionals and patients by adopting a “patient-centric” strategy. Discover.

Consulting & Expertise


Benefit from a network of business experts to support you in your digital healthcare transformation projects: legal advice, industrial branding & quality support, market access, etc. Discover

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