Health Cloud Bastion

Ensure a secure controlled remote access that complies with HDS and GDPR
security & traceability requirements for your e-health applications

Health Cloud© Bastion, a secure web portal for e-health application managed services & user access

Health Cloud® Bastion provides access to a remote server, as well as to applications installed on your health data hosting platform based on previously defined access rights. With dual factor authentication (MFA) and encryption integrated into Health Cloud® Bastion, the solution allows the confidentiality and traceability of remote connections to servers.

security health data

Enhance the security of your applications with a security brick that offers :

  • A customizable web access portal
  • Complete visibility of access by internal employees or customers
  • Recording and viewing of work sessions
  • Connection logging
  • Management of user accounts and access rights
  • Interoperability with access to our centralized directory of identifiers

With its Bastion access, the administrator connects, authenticates and interacts through a single secured web interface.

As soon as the user identifies himself from a web browser, the secure connection to the selected server is automatically established.

The Bastion verifies the user’s credentials and proposes double authentication either by :

  • Sms to mobile phone
  • Call to landline phone
  • Security usb token
  • Mobile application

As soon as the user connects to the server, the entire session is recorded.

It is then possible to consult all actions made.

strong authentication bastion

Technical specifications & Support

Operating system :

– Linux, Windows

Supported protocols :

– SSH for Linux servers (CentOS, Debian, Redhat, etc…)

– RDP for Windows servers

Support :

– Premium : 24/7
– Standard : 8/5

Service level agreement :

– 99,9%

Health Expertise

Benefit from a team of experts in health IT project for more than 20 years.


E-Health Certifications

Data security & global compliance : EU (HDS, ISO 27001, GDPR), US (HIPAA), China (CSL).


Projects deployed around the world: Europe, Asia, America, Africa.

Rich Functionalities

An infrastructure-as-a-Service providing cost-effective, flexible and functional solutions.