Euris Health Cloud – Healthcare Data Warehouse Offer

Health Cloud® healthcare data warehouse is a database solution enabling healthcare companies to pool, reuse and store their personal health data over a long period of time for research purposes.

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An offer to make full use of your health data in the public interest

Health Cloud® provides its customers with a healthcare data warehouse based on 5 layers of services:

  1. Regulatory support minimizing steps to take,
  2. A secure and compliant technical infrastructure,
  3. A set of tools and services to harness the potential of these data,
  4. An organizational environment to ensure compliance during research,
  5. The ability to link/match your data to the SNDS** data.

EURIS Health CLoud® Healthcare data warehouse, The benefits


Constitution with the client of the Healthcare Data Warehouse creation request file with the CNIL**:

  • Compliance support
  • Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) implementation support
  • Network of legal consultants who are experts in the procedures
  • File follow-up

Hosting and facilities management of the Healthcare Data Warehouse Platform in a certified environment

  • Security
  • Compliance
  • Scalability

Tools and services for data exploitation

  • Network of data science experts
  • Catalog of data analysis tools and technologies

Governance framework thanks to expert committees

  • Ongoing assistance from the Data Protection Officer (DPO)
  • Study qualification
  • Evaluation of means
  • Monitoring of studies conducted in the Healthcare Data Warehouse
  • Results’ compliance audit
Diagram EDS

* SNDS: warehouse of pseudonymized medico-administrative data covering the entire French population and containing all care presented for reimbursement.

** CNIL: French data protection authority, member of the G29. The CNIL authorizes the creation of EDS and SNDS accesses.

SNDS Access

As RMO*, Euris Health Cloud® supports you in the procedures for accessing SNDS data, their provision in your HDW and their autonomous and compliant use.

*RMO: French status allowing a company access to the SNDS data

Health expertise

Benefit from a team of experts in health IT project for more than 20 years.



Data security & global compliance : EU (HDS & ISO 27001), US (HIPAA), China (CSL & PHIMM).


Projects deployed around the world: Europe, Asia, America, Africa.


High availability architecture, 99.9% SLA, 24/7 outsourcing.


Availability, Integrity, Confidentiality, and Auditability of Health Data.


An infrastructure-as-a-Service providing cost-effective, flexible and functional solutions.