Deepia relies on Euris Health Cloud® hybrid AWS offer for the deployment of our biological check-up assistant

DEEPIA is composed of a multidisciplinary team of renowned clinicians and medical AI experts who have combined skills and expertise to conceive digital solutions assisting the physician in the interpretation of the biology check-ups

DEEPIA is the first clinically validated cloud solution alerting on biological check-up result anomalies and suggesting complementary biological explorations. After years of academic research on follow-up biological test best practices and AI systems enabling their automation, DEEPIA can now fully assist the physician in their handling of the patient’s biological check-up results.

Success story: Deepia and Euris Health Cloud® hybrid AWS

DEEPIA’s biological check-up assistant is a groundbreaking innovation securing the diagnosis of the patients and saving both the physician and the patient tremendous amounts of time. After a deployment on the EURIS HEALTH CLOUD® HYBRID AWS, it is now tested at several locations in the south of France before a country-wide rollout.

3 key points to remember about Deepia:

  • DEEPIA’s assistant is a Class A DM-DIV medical device that automatically detects biological anomalies in health transcripts and suggests follow-up biological tests.
  • Divides by ten the medical time dedicated to the interpretation of the biological health transcript and to the writing of the biological exam prescription
  • With DEEPIA’s biological check-up assistant, follow-up exam’s prescriptions can be sent directly to the biology lab to be executed on the already sampled blood samples.

What were the main challenges Deepia faced in terms of healthcare data management before implementing the Euris Health Cloud® hybrid AWS infrastructure?

“When using DEEPIA’s biological check-up assistant, doctors share their patient’s sensitive data: therefore, the importance we give to security is paramount. Collecting medical sensitive information must comply with regulations worldwide. This aspect is crucial to consolidate the trust of the doctors’ community and reinforce the use of the latest innovations in the field of digital therapy.

As a small company with small IT teams, we chose to entrust EURIS HEALTH CLOUD® with the management of our databases, webservers and microservices, relying on their experience”

Why did you choose to work with Euris Health Cloud®?

“At DEEPIA, we need a cloud solution that allows us to scale and expand our activity globally while complying to regulations (HDS in France, GDPR in Europe and HIPAA in the US). EURIS HEALTH CLOUD® with its hybrid AWS solution enables us to leverage both the scaling power of AWS and the health regulations expertise of EURIS HEALTH CLOUD®, getting the best of both worlds.

The infrastructure provided to us by EURIS HEALTH CLOUD® is scalable, reliable, with proper support and notifications in case of anomalies.

DEEPIA retained the EURIS HEALTH CLOUD® Hybrid AWS offer as it was identified as the most flexible and secure cloud computing environment available today.”

Can you name some highlights of the proposed and implemented Euris Health Cloud® hybrid AWS solution?

“Scalability – Easy to open new regions, no barriers.

No downtime.

Fast implementation of security patches.

Fast response to new version deployment.

The infrastructure is deployed by a dedicated team, experts in architecture and implementation of solutions with AWS.”

Deepia and its engagement in getting the best out of the biological results

EURIS HEALTH CLOUD® is responsible for the compliance of the hosting service and production data. Our team ensures the supervision and outsourcing of the DEEPIA’s biological check-up assistant at AWS (activity 5 HDS).

EURIS HEALTH CLOUD® manages and administers AWS resources and ensures regulatory compliance of health data: GDPR (Europe), HDS (France), and HIPAA (United States).

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“We guarantee the respect of the “A.I.C.A.” criteria: availability, integrity, confidentiality and auditability.

A dedicated EURIS HEALTH CLOUD® project manager supports DEEPIA team throughout the life cycle of the application at EURIS HEALTH CLOUD® (Project, Run).”

Author: Marketing EURIS HEALTH CLOUD® HQ

EURIS HEALTH CLOUD® Hybrid AWS: The expertise of a certified health data hosting provider combined with the power of the AWS cloud for the development of DEEPIA e-health projects.

“EURIS HEALTH CLOUD® is an ideal partner for us who offers us an HDS platform with AWS. They are very knowledgeable and always available. We are delighted to be working with EURIS HEALTH CLOUD®.”

Dan Ringwald, CTO @ DEEPIA

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