Sivan Innovation relies on Euris Health Cloud Hybrid AWS offer for the deployment of Moovcare

Sivan Innovation is composed by a multidisciplinary team of clinicians, technologists and behavioural experts who have join skills and expertise to conceive digital healthcare therapies to improve patient monitoring and care journey.

Sivan Innovation develops MOOVCARE, the first web-application that was clinically validated and proved to extend the life of lung cancer patients. Moovcare is the result of multi-year clinical studies on the impact of patient reported symptoms on survival and quality of life, carried out by leading oncologists in the US and France.

Success story: Sivan Innovation and Euris Health Cloud® Hybrid AWS

Moovcare® is the first medical device in a pioneering range developed by Sivan in association with experts specializing in oncology. All these devices make it possible to monitor symptoms using web questionnaires sent to patients (PRO questionnaires), analyzed by the company’s clinically proven algorithms, in order to detect the first signs of recurrence, complications or future medical risk.

3 key points to retain about Moovcare :

  1. Class I medical device that uses a simple questionnaire to detect relapse or complication during follow-up of lung cancer patients.
  2. Proven in clinical trials to improve overall survival by 7.6 months.
  3. The first digital therapy for oncology reimbursed in France.

Source: Moovcare by Sivan, 2021

Sivan Innovation

What were the main challenges Sivan Innovation faced in terms of healthcare data management before implementing the Euris Health Cloud® Hybrid AWS infrastructure?

When using Moovcare, patients share sensitive data; therefore, strong security is crucial. Collecting medical sensitive information must comply with regulation worldwide. This aspect is crucial to consolidate the trust of patients’ community and reinforce the use of latest innovations in the field of digital therapy. 

Regarding the targeted user experience, web interfaces and mobile native apps for patients and medical staff need to be performant and highly available. 

Sivan required a performant, secure and reliable cloud infrastructure to guarantee a proper treatment of health data collected.

Why did you choose to work with Euris Health Cloud®?

Sivan needs a cloud solution allowing them to expand their activity globally, with the provision of full services to foster development and innovation. 

The solution must be compliant with main regulations applied currently for health data (HDS in France, GDPR in Europe and HIPAA in the US). 

Infrastructure provided shall be scalable and reliable, with proper notifications in case of anomalies.

Sivan Innovation retained the Euris Health Cloud Hybrid AWS offer as it was identified as the most flexible and secure cloud computing environment available today.

Can you name some highlights of the proposed and implemented Euris Health Cloud® Hybrid AWS solution?

  • Scalability – Easy to open new regions, no barriers.
  • No downtime.
  • Fast implementation of security patches.
  • Fast respond to new version deployment.
  • Infrastructure deployed by a dedicated team, expert in architecture and implementation of solutions with AWS.

SIVAN and its engagement to improve the lives of cancer patients worldwide

Euris Health is responsible for the compliance of the hosting service and production data. Our team ensures the supervision and outsourcing of Moovcare application at AWS (activity 5 HDS).

Euris manages and administers AWS resources and ensures regulatory compliance of health data: GDPR (Europe), HDS (France), HIPAA (United States).

We guarantee the respect of the “A.I.C.A.” criteria: availability, integrity, confidentiality and auditability.

A dedicated Euris project manager supports Sivan team throughout the life cycle of the application at Euris (Project, Run).
Author : Lourdes Chabrol – Marketing Euris HQ

Euris Health Cloud® Hybrid AWS: The expertise of a certified health data hosting provider combined with the power of the AWS cloud for the development of Sivan Innovation e-health projects.

Samuel Amsilli

«EURIS is an ideal partner for us who offers us an HDS platform with AWS. They are very knowledgeable and always available. We are delighted to be working with EURIS.»

Samuel Amsilli, DevOps & IT Manager Sivan Innovation

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