Great success of the 2nd edition of the « Shanghai eHealth Workshop »

On March 20th 2018, Euris China organized in Shanghai, the second edition of the “Shanghai eHealth workhop” together with MWE China Law Ofices, AXA and Hinounou. During this workshop, a panel of seasoned professionals tackled the challenges and impact of connected health and data regulation on the future management of China’s ageing population.

Euris was pleased to welcome 80 participants interested in eHealth data hosting & regulations in China. The participants first listened to an animated debate between the experts, asked questions and finally networked in a professional and friendly atmosphere.

Reaching the optimal Health Data Compliance Level is the necessary condition for any e-health project. With the China’s Cyber Security Law (CSL), released in June 2017, it is now essential to store health data locally in a secure infrastructure and to obtain the user’s consent. China’s growing ageing population raises societal and economic issues. It raises no doubt that Connected Health Services can bring viable solutions to tackle this issue.

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