Interview with Pedro Lucas, CEO of Euris on the Sovereign Cloud

Pedro Lucas, founder and CEO of Euris Health Cloud was interviewed on his vision and expertise of the sovereign Cloud ecosystem by Mind Health, expert media dedicated to the digital transformation of health industries.

Euris Cloud Health, as cloud entirely dedicated to connected health, presents its vision on the sovereign cloud, the need for a roadmap based on trust, the roles, rules and obligations of different players in the French and European Cloud ecosystem. Its focus concerns the European cloud market, the position of European cloud leaders versus American players and the processes to adopt when it comes to the governance of sensitive data, including personal health data.

Pedro Lucas, Managing Director and founder of Euris Health Cloud, insists in particular on the need for transparency in cloud solutions and on the need to explicitly present the responsibilities in the 6 Health Data Hosting certification activities.

Among the challenges of the European cloud, Pedro Lucas cites the need for European political and industrial will for a 100% European offer to exist one day.

« We capitalized on our sovereign cloud infrastructure and hooked it up at high speed with public cloud resources. We have brought the entire solution into compliance and had it certified. We operate this infrastructure for our customers, giving them the choice of locating their data either in the “sovereign cloud”, in our private cloud, or in the public cloud. The idea is to be able to use the power of the public cloud, but to do so in a secure and regulatory-compliant way.

In this hybrid offer, the public clouds are our subcontractors, it is we who carry the certifications and contracts, who manage the access rights and the GDPR, ISO 27001 & HDS compliance of the technical solution put in place. We hold, as a Trusted Third Party, the encryption keys, we ensure the encryption of all flows and data that are used on public cloud resources.»

Pedro Lucas, Euris Founder and CEO

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