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Euris featured in Jumo Horizons Series: “Constantly adapt”

Jumo Partners, a Shanghai-based group since 2012, provides business intelligence, strategy, marketing and digitalization services to healthcare companies based in China.

Their #JumoHorizons series presents testimonials of companies that have successfully established themselves in China and gained the trust of key Chinese BtoB decision makers.

Euris is selected among these leaders and is featured in this month’s edition. Discover the interview of our Digital Solutions Division Director and Co-founder of Euris, Mrs Delphine Poulat.

Delphine Poulat
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Jumo Partners: In your opinion, which types of companies are likely to be successful in China?

Dephine POULAT: Companies which offer products and services with a high level of quality and which make the difference in terms of value proposition. We are fortunate to work with large international groups and China is a strategic market for them as well. The level of customer satisfaction should be as high as possible from the start. A previous insertion in another international market is also useful, the early years of the company have helped us a lot.

In your experience do you have Export to China medical success stories? If so why do you think they were successful ?

Tom Robert, our General Manager in China had worked in another company in China before joining us. Knowledge and experience are major allies to understand faster and adapt strategy more quickly and aim for efficiency. You have to show professional know-how, humility, but also a lot of determination. You have to be sure that the product or service will be solid. Wanting to settle in China is not the business of a subsidiary in an SME, it is the business of the whole company. At Euris, the China subsidiary is an integral part of the company’s strategy because it contributes to the development of innovation in an exceptional international context.

What are the key success factors for exporting to China?

  • Prior knowledge of other fast-growing markets was a real asset for Euris,
  • The verticality of our offer and our specialty were decisive in providing a differentiating value proposition for our big pharma clients who also wish to succeed in their development in China,
  • Measuring time: accepting to spend time but refusing to waste it … therefore daring but also measuring the effort.
  • Acceptance of the specificities of the Chinese market, necessary for the adaptation of our solutions to China and its environment. Our Chinese customers expect an innovative solution tailored for China and not just standard software inspired by European or American examples.

When in your business did you go international? Did you try to develop your company in China from the beginning?

The particular context of our local market at the time of the creation of the company forced us to develop ourselves exclusively in exports during the first years, this culture of international development for multi-country projects is part of the DNA of the company.
About ten years after the creation of the company, we became interested in China. We regularly came to measure with the subsidiaries of our customers located in China, whether our products and services presented opportunities for this market.

What was the biggest challenge in your integration in China?

Having enough successful referrals for the network to help convert new customers (brand awareness through successful experience is very important in China). The recruitment of Chinese employees was also an important step.
The participation of Euris in the French ecosystem of the health sector is also an important element. The French Healthcare Alliance (Club Santé) shares a very positive dynamic at the member level and the various events that are organized allow a mutual enrichment of experiences and create opportunities. Tom is fully involved in the organization of the Club as General Secretary as well as Co-leader of the digital health working group.

As you continue to develop in China, what are your 3 challenges today?

  • Continue growth in the two components of the offer: software and health data hosting,,
  • Strengthen communication and marketing to our targets on customer successes,
  • Continue to invest where the results are most efficient.

About Jumo Partners

Jumo Partners is an independent cross-border advisory firm. They support companies to open new Healthcare Territories thanks to innovation management and digital transformation. They partner with European and Chinese companies in Healthcare, since 2012.

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