Euris Health Cloud (Cloud Santé®) obtains the HDS: 2018 and ISO/IEC 270001:2013 certifications, as well as the HIPAA compliance statement

PRESS RELEASE – 20/06/2019

Boulogne-Billancourt, 20/06/2019:

Euris Health Cloud® confirms its status as a leading connected health operator in France, obtaining the HDS:2018 certification for hosting and information management of health data and the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification. Euris obtains as well an statement of compliance with the HIPAA law for the “All of the company’s services and cloud services activities” scope.

Authorized hosting provider HDS since 2013, Euris Health Cloud® becomes the first dedicated Cloud to Connected Health HDS certified in France.

These new certifications are in line with the work done by the Euris Health Cloud® team to meet our customers’ data security requirements.Thus, Euris Health Cloud® is now certified for hosting and personal health data management services collected or produced by client editors, service operators or patients.

A new reference to guarantee the quality of service of healthcare providers

The new HDS certification becomes the standard in force, now mandatory for any entity providing hosting of health data, with the objective of facilitating compliance with the legal requirements imposed on health IT actors when setting up health and safety systems.

As such, Euris Health Cloud® obtains the entirety of the two components available in the certification: Infrastructure Host and HDS hosting outsourcing, covering all six possible HDS activities of the HDS certification framework.

HDS certification brings together several international ISO standards to ensure the best quality and management of IT risks. Thus, an HDS certified information system is the guarantee of meeting the requirements of the standards:

  • ISO 27001 “Information Systems Security Management System”
  • ISO 20000 – 1 “Service Quality Management System”
  • ISO 27018 “Protection of personal data”

And the additional requirements for the protection of personal health data. This testifies to the particularly secure treatment made by the hosts to manage the criticality of personal and sensitive data, to ensure their availability, integrity, confidentiality and auditability.

A reference of excellence & quality of service 

The HDS certification represents a major accomplishment for Euris Health Cloud® and confirm our know-how in the deployment of e-health projects and applications management with technological solutions guaranteeing security, business continuity and tailored support, thanks to a multi-territory infrastructure certified in France and available internationally.

This success is the result of the mobilization of a multidisciplinary team, which has worked hard to obtain both the HDS and ISO certifications, as well as a HIPAA compliance statement, all issued by the organization in charge of the audit (BSI group), confirming the ability of Euris Health Cloud® to offer a health offer that respects the various regulatory frameworks in France and internationally.

Securing health data: expertise & support

Euris Health Cloud® guarantees its customers an adapted and highly secure environment to ensure the integrity, availability and confidentiality of health data. “A health data is a data produced or collected during the activities of care, prevention and diagnosis or social and medico-social monitoring and filed by the health professional, the health facility or the patient. These data must be protected even more if they are nominative and that their analysis can lead to a diagnosis, for example. Today the production of health data has become exponential with the new tools, connected objects and digital health uses “explains Pedro Lucas, CEO of Euris Health Cloud®

“The HDS certification consolidates our role as security guarantor of the production of data hosted on our platform, which allows us to respond appropriately to the needs of our customers in terms of securing access, storage and information’s integrity.” Humberto Lucas, Data Protection Officer (DPO) and SSI Manager.

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About Euris

As a group dedicated to the connected health market, Euris’ mission is to support industry players in the implementation of their healthcare IT projects, through digital solutions and a multi-territory certified health data infrastructure.

At the heart of a health ecosystem of excellence, Euris operates these new services in a structured regulatory framework, guaranteeing a high level of quality and compliance.

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About Euris Health Cloud

As an entity of the Euris group, Euris Health Cloud is a connected healthcare operator specialising in the hosting of healthcare data. Global compliance: EU (HDS: 2018 & ISO 27001 2013), US (HIPAA), China (CSL).

Thanks to a unique marketplace model, Euris Health Cloud also offers a complete range of interoperable services and solutions, facilitating the deployment of e-health projects: strong authentication, drive, archiving, backup, anonymization, Big Data, Business Intelligence, IoT, telemedicine, CRM, PRM, etc.

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