Shanghai eHealth Workshop – Social listening for the Life Sciences industry

On July 5th 2018, Euris and its partners Jumo, Linkfluence and PwC, organized a workshop at PwC Innovation Center in Shanghai, where experts tackled the question “how can life sciences companies leverage social data and social listening tools to find new opportunities?”.

China is probably the most advanced digital country in the world, with people talking, sharing and buying a lot online. It is thus a unique opportunity for Life Sciences companies to leverage this data by collecting it, acting on it, and sharing it internally and externally.

During the workshop, Linkfluence detailed successful Chinese business cases, Jumo presented digital trends in the life sciences industry and Euris shown live how its CRM solution, SmartReps, can be used inside WeChat and can display to reps digested live messages coming from websites and social networks (Weibo, DXY, others…), and also influencers in the region.

In a more and more social world with a need of reinforcing the relationship between reps and healthcare professionals, Euris continuously works on giving reps the most effective tools.

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