Adapted solutions for your health IT projects

Health Digital Solution
Make the choice of innovative, simple and affordable software solutions for pharma, consumer health and medical device companies: CRM, CLM (Closed-Loop Marketing), PRM (Patient Relationship Management), Business Intelligence and Social Listening.
Health Cloud Marketplace
Find the right services to build your connected health solutions within a broad catalog of ready-to-use e-health technologies : Storage & data sharing, Security & data analytics (authentication, Big Data), Prevention & telemedecine, and Consulting.
Compliant health data hosting
Deploy your connected health services in the world quickly with only one partner. Make the choice of our global health data hosting infrastructure, compliant with international certifications : HDS & GDPR (EU), HIPAA (USA), CSL/PHIMM (China).

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Euris supports the deployment of innovative services of Life Sciences companies,
healthcare insurers & e-health service providers.